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  1. 2003.11.20 [Books] Let's go! Muktong-X (by Byungkyu Ko)

[Books] Let's go! Muktong-X (by Byungkyu Ko)

comicpop extra #001

Artist:Byungkyu Ko
Published by:Comicpop Entertainment
Publication Date: November 20, 2003
Pages: 372 (24 color pages)

The legendary parody gag comic book is back. Though it was published in 1995 into two volumes shortly after its serialization at 'Monthly Champ', it was remembered sought for by many readers long after its early discontinuation. After eight years, a new complete edition (including color pages restoration) finally saw light.

No-good inventor Prof. Mugachi ('no good'), justice-meaning but rather retarded boy Kanghoon and the cynical girl Lee Ari are living togethe rin the Hanshim('pity') labs. But One weekend, the evil forces of "CRUEL" strike the inventor's fair! Every inventor is abducted, and prof Mugachi is in danger. They contact Kanghoon, who pilots the self-assembled giant robot "MUKTONG-X'... It is the beginning of an epic battle between good and evil.

Well, at least it starts off that way. It is a hilarious parody on all conventions of the super robot genre, and there is not a single panel that fails to bring tears of laughter to the reader's eyes. The more you are familiar with that genre, the more will you be able to feel the sheer comical genius of this masterpiece.
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[About the Artist]
Debuted in 1993 with the grand prix in 'Champ Super Comics Award'. Gathered a cult worship through his hilarious gag parodies of familiar comics genre conventions. He also ventured into the more serious SF actions such as 'GUARDER' and 'GUNBEAT'. Currently earns a living with computer game illustrations.

Name: Prof. Mugachi

Name: Kang, Hun (Pilot)

CRUEL's Deputy Commander

Name: Lee, Ari (Pilot)

CRUEL's Boss

CRUEL's Commander


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